Manipulation, Lies, and Power

The Patriarchy’s Dictation of Modern Feminism

Originally posted on, September 12, 2017. 

This is merely one of many examples of LaVey exploitative efforts towards feminism. Do these women appear “liberated” to you?
For the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae, Lilith being on top means far more than her sexual expression in a dominant position. It means her being able to achieve the highest of any endeavor’s success. We imagine her desire for equity to whomever her counterpart, should not have to be a desperate wish; her talents, knowledge, and mind, worthy and acknowledged when displayed… whether with great theater of meaningful production, or in quiet efforts with deepest humility. Certainly, the allegory can be interpreted at a basic value of sexual positions or roles in carnal congress. But the OSS adores meanings within meanings. And throughout the many myths of darkly divine, Diana-like figures, neither goddess nor demoness has ever been any one thing, at all times.

If I, as a woman, were to advise other women to use sex as a weapon or a tool for controlling others; to maneuver them toward making decisions which result in achieving their desired goals, have I not counselled and legitimized deceit? Does it harm the wider movement of feminism, that I advise another woman to reduce herself to an object of desire; devaluing her intellect, discarding her talents, and reinforcing the longstanding misogynist narrative which labels women as schemers, liars, and bimbos, incapable of achieving anything of note on their own merit? Would it not be a decimation of a woman’s true worth to make silly assertions like the use of her “feminine wiles” being akin to a sort of magic(k), as if it were some romantic legacy of witchcraft and female empowerment?

I cannot honestly state that I have never engaged in flirting to achieve an end. I cannot claim I have never used the implication, or led another to believe that some physical reward may follow their submitting to my will or desire. And finally, I cannot say that I have never used my body to pay a few terrible debts in full. However, at this last admission, I never contrived to do so. It would be more accurate to say I was the victim of economic violence; selling sex to survive my unfortunate reality. But today, I refuse any longer to engage in lying to myself that I was somehow powerful because of these acts.

There are many reasons one might choose to engage in the practice of sex-work. And while there exists a small percentage of women who equate their involvement in such a trade as empowering, or somehow essential to their personal definition of feminism, the overwhelming majority find themselves in sex-work because of economic hopelessness; coerced by a faceless, financial monster whose influence tugs upon every fiber in life’s web.

But it happens that those women who insist they are empowered, were rarely driven by desperation. From mild to wild, softcore to hard, T&A restaurants to brothels… one consistent theme is that the essence of this empowerment, seems to reside in the perspective that women are the users, and not the used.

Could it be that this narrative was created merely to ensure a well-maintained pool of women who will be ever ready to step into such roles? Possibly. One’s perceived reality can be changed based on the employ of a chosen, limited vocabulary, and repeating these phrases like a mantra. Whether these selections are made individually (denial for the preservation of sanity) or they were led to believe them to be their own thoughts when in fact they were crafted by a patriarchal system (control through deceptive manipulation) they could both be considered manipulative practices.

Manipulation… there are some who would attempt to conflate it with the wide-ranging arts of the Geisha. Sell an image. Sell a fantasy. Engage in a mutual lie where opposing parties, both supplier and consumer, believe they have the advantage of each other. Or let them acquiesce they share something of mutual benefit if that is where the comfort of rationalization takes them. Yet beneath this, remains the lie. Someone here, has been conned.

While many Satanists wish to sweep LaVey’s misogyny under the rug at their altars, we do not. This chart is a laughing stock. Please ladies, do not degrade yourself for this so called Satanic leader. He was a joke then, he is a joke now.
If I were to hold a seminar on how to lie for personal gain, would you be able to trust any issuance from me, ever after? If I told you that you needn’t promise, but only imply you would provide reward for allegiance or financial support, throwing your head back in laughter — amused by your domination through deception, have I improved your character by insisting this is your “power”.

The OSS considers the manipulation of others through deceptive means (subversion, sabotage, or betrayal of deceit) intended to bend the results of another’s will or opinion, to be a despicable act. It is the lie generated and used to obfuscate the truth, to achieve a desired end for self-serving purposes. Consider again, the proto-form of chemical engineering and physical sciences: Alchemy. Altering an experiment or operation which requires honest input, objectivity, and that depends upon a true result is deception. It can only lead to a faulty result, a weak product or argument, a fragile achievement. And once the means to that end have come to light, the veracity of what it helped to create is now suspect, and is easy to dismiss as invalid for having produced it by dishonest means.

There is no reason one cannot be cunning. But to be cunning, requires preparedness, research, and attention to detail. It requires deviousness, and not deception. The liar for gain, upon either side, is never to be respected.

This is a stricture of our private, religious Order: Integrity. We insist upon it. We expect its adherence as the central policy for how our Dame-Sisters and Knighted-Brothers conduct themselves within the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae. We are not the breed of Satanist who seeks victory through despicable means. Nor do we delight in the weaving of lies and those who spin them. Of the few wise words uttered by the character Polonius in the play Hamlet “…to thine own self be true…” isn’t bad as advice goes. But it is incomplete.

To thine own self be true, and to the world be so, too.

Ave Lilitu!

The Lady of Gehenna

Witches existed prior to, and never needed a LaVeyan figure to insert his manly ideals into our feminine arts. No thanks. Pass. We reject his insinuations & patronizing of feminism into our workings.

On Satanism and Enabling Fascists

The Burden of Satanic Truth, and The Fight Against Fascism

Originally posted on on August 20, 2017.

Addendum added: September 2, 2017

At the time of this article’s original publication, it was not entirely clear the degree to which privilege and cowardice have informed certain “leaders” in the Satanic community’s preferred methods of response to violent fascists who advocate for the murder and subjugation of all those not like them.

It is therefore necessary to offer an addendum to this piece, which calls specific attention to the lofty places of privilege from whence these persons have the gall to insist that trusting in the legal system, and meeting fascism with exaggerated stereotypes as a form of ridicule, are utterly tone-deaf. Those institutions of law, which one prominent LHP personality would like to see as the best recourse to combat fascism, tend to favor the white, straight males of our society.

Let us also extend this privilege only so far as it goes toward judicial vindication, and exempt all women from access to anything which could be defined as true justice. To prove this, I need only point to the many tens of thousands of rape-kits degrading and rotting in warehouses across this nation. My point being, white males are the only group consistently heard, or favored by the legal system.

It also seems retrograde of any leader in the LHP community to insist that hitting a bully is never the answer; that it only feeds a bully to have such attention paid to them. Only those who have never consistently suffered subjugation or oppression would tell those who have had such experiences, not to speak out… nor act out against it. The unoppressed are blessed that they can offer such flippant, throw-away solutions, when they do not truly understand what it is to be either persecuted or hunted by nearly an entire populace. If one were to approach and menace me with Nazi symbols emblazoned on homemade riot shield and club, I will not be pausing to deliver a zinger. That is the moment to fight, or to flee. And while I agree that to engage in battle with a smile upon one’s face is a powerful psychological weapon, the fact remains: it will be a brute battle, not a witty war of barbs and references to the film “Deliverence”.

Finally, portraying one’s opponents in caricature is only effective in a polite society which agrees upon lines of social conduct. When an entire movement calls for the massacre of other groups it has deemed inferior to them is met with mockery and ridicule, be not surprised when their madness escalates to violence. They rarely shrink back to the shadows in a climate which emboldens them not merely to speak hate, but to act upon it. One has angered an already dangerous beast, and a fight is guaranteed.

Among the general aspects of what constitutes most branches of Satanism at their most basic level, strength of character I would say, features prominently. Above this level, we engage in such fierce debate over what is important to our individual identities, that beyond the other agreement of our refusal to be subjugated by others, we frequently diverge… and that is a beautiful thing.

But that refusal to be yoked and suffer nonsensical, cruel, and arbitrary authority; do we wait to oppose it until it is institutionalized and accepted as the norm? Or should we not admit when we recognize the seeds which grow into its systems, and prevent them a purchase where they might take root?

As a Dame-Sister of the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae, it is my duty to perform the sacrament we term in my Order as: The Three Great Acts. The first of these is to Witness; that is, simply to observe the conditions of this world and the players within it. And lately, I have witnessed much that I find dismaying and disappointing among some of the other Satanists out there.

In a reductionist solution to the problem of white supremacists and First Amendment rights, it seems that quite a few Satanists believe that allowing white supremacists to speak without reproach or counter-protests will reveal their ugliness to the degree that the people will simply turn away in disgust.

It may be in Topeka Kansas for instance, that few people constitute the congregation of Westboro Baptist Church. But they still receive converts, for all their ugliness. And while worship at their church may be limited, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others in town who believe some of the same, horrible things. An uncontested platform for hate, is a prime place for growth.

But of late, the strength of character from some Satanists has been lacking. They speak now of slippery slopes and a belief that counter-protest is somehow oppressive toward white supremacist and racist nationalist’s free speech. In general, what this handful of self-avowed adherents of the Left Hand Path are failing to realize, is that while one is free to speak their mind in this country, freedom such as this does not inherently mean it is also free of consequence.

On Saturday, 40,000 people descended on Boston Common to show how deeply they disagree with those who hate, and those who by their own insistence on inaction, would facilitate that hate toward a greater legacy. The perhaps few hundred who came in support of fascism were overwhelmed by the non-violent counter protesters. Hate was made ashamed of itself by the ratio that marched in opposition. No one prevented the white supremacists from speaking. The fact that they simply couldn’t hear themselves vomiting forth their usual venom… well, it is a public place. They could always adjourn to elsewhere.

Forty thousand people agreed that fascism had no place in their city or their world. Yet a number of Satanists are chatting-up the idea that actively defying fascism is somehow in itself, fascist. I’ve even seen them employing the rightwing language of the day as they tear at each other with terms like “lib-tard” and “cuck”, for every misinterpreted little sleight.

One thing I can say with certainty is that fascism should sit as antithetical to any philosophy of the Satanic. Why? Because fascism is uniform, grey, requires a compliance which demands the obliteration of individuality in favor of national identity. A loss that no Satanist would willingly suffer. It deserves condemnation for its goal of snuffing out diversity. It deserves derision for its baseless assertions of superior breeding and genetics. It requires being refuted and trashed for its junk science. This means actively resisting its positions vocally, publicly, and perpetually. For it has ever been that philosophies of oppression only flourish when those who should be dedicatedly fighting against them, instead decide that their official position, is that they have no position.

It is to them, the Order speaks:

Get out of the way. Absolute, unconditional pacifism cannot lead on this. Fence sitting is no longer possible in this world. There are those for whom condemnation is deserved; and it may be pronounced in wisdom, once thoroughly measured. But even after such judicious weighing, condemned none the less.

These tepid responses and deflections with sarcasm must end. The edge-lords are snide, but lack the conviction to disavow milquetoast policies that avoid calling attention to shameful hatred. Hate is a delinquency that tends toward the horrors of murder, slavery, and oppression… and it must be challenged, not ignored. Else it will be to the detriment of us all, if allowed to fester and seethe beneath a blanket of silent acquiescence; bursting forth with a boldness that can only be cultivated by the denials of the cowardly bystander.

I am Dame-Sister Gwendolyn, of The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae; also called the “Lady of Gehenna”.

“May all people awaken to the World, and to reason. Ave, Lilitu!”