Mass of the Eternally Unforgiven – Full Length Version


Mass of the Eternally Unforgiven

The Roman Catholic Church recently held a “Forgiveness Mass” on Friday, August 17th2018 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania after the disclosure of a vast cover-up of pedophilia, child-trafficking, molestation, and exploitation. 

In response, at midnight on September 14th, the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae performed a ritual at the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica.

The OSS finds this pompous display of self-forgiveness outrageous. The Church refuses to take responsibility for its crimes, instead blaming demons, the LGBTQIA community, women, and even their own victims.

The OSS will not countenance these perpetrators, nor their pretense of piety. Perhaps their demented deity will forgive them. We will not.

Announcement: Lilituan Invocation 5/18/18 – Missouri State Capitol

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Painting incorporated: Peter Paul Rubens, “Consequences of War” 

Press Release: May 15th, 2018 – Lilituan Invocation MO State Capitol

Contact: OSS Tribunal Council


Missouri, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Columbia, Springfield, Joplin, and surrounding areas.

 Lilituan Invocation for the 2018 Missouri Special Session

~ Friday, May 18th – 1st Floor Rotunda – 1:30PM ~


The State of Missouri, May 15, 2018 –

The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae (OSS) will deliver a Lilituan Invocation and ceremonial benediction on the 1st Floor Rotunda of the Missouri Capitol building, this Friday May 18th, 2018, at 1:30PM in the afternoon; to commemorate the opening of the 2018 Missouri Special Legislative Session.

The OSS feels there has never been a more important period in our lifetimes for the marginalized to step forward and make their voices heard. The OSS is delighted to provide their invocation to Missouri legislators in the Capitol Rotunda, though the original request to deliver the House’s opening invocation was on the date of May 3rd, the National Day of Prayer [directed to House Speaker Todd Richardson]. The OSS’s repeated requests to deliver an invocation was never acknowledged, despite having been submitted in a timely manner on April 11th, 2018.

We invite the good people of Missouri, distinguished members of the Press, and especially the members of the Missouri Legislature for whom this sacrament is intended, to be present as these words and solemn wishes are spoken.

“In the spirit of religious plurality, the voices of the religiously marginalized deserve an opportunity to join in the process of Missouri House prayer rituals and ceremony. Our invocation service mission is reflective in nature and is designed to encourage logical thought within the legislative arena. We are delighted to offer this solemn reading to our legislators as part of our meaningful sacramental service work.” – Nikki Moungo, Dame Sister OSS

The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae (OSS) was founded in February, 2017 as a devoutly feminist, Left Hand Path organization. Although described as a Sorority, the OSS is an egalitarian group which welcomes both female and male members. The OSS is a private “cenobitical” religious Order, dedicated to the literary archetype of Lilith. It is a Missouri, non-profit corporation focused on charitable endeavors.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact OSS Tribunal Council through their website, or via email at:

Seeking Truth in Numbers

Originally posted on on August 20, 2017.

Note: related documents available online.

 Sisters on a Sunshine (Re)Quest

On July 18th of this year (2017), the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae created and later sent Sunshine Requests to four Missouri government agencies, including: Custodians of Records – Missouri Senate, House, Auditor, and the Office of Administration.

We did so without legal representation, exercising our legal rights as citizens to demand information under Missouri’s Sunshine Law. We specifically requested documentation of detailed cost expenditures associated with Missouri Governor Eric Greitens “Special 2nd [Extraordinary] Session,” which ended on July 26, 2017. This session was used to determine the expanse of our reproductive rights in Missouri, along with legalizing the ability to use one’s religious beliefs to discriminate against others based on their legal reproductive choices.

During this 2nd Special Session, the lack of transparency within the Missouri General Assembly and the Office of Governor Eric Greitens, [with regard to the] failure of Missouri Government to produce an updated “Special 2nd Session” cost report, led Governor Greitens to accusing the media of cost speculating, fabrications, and spreading misinformation.

Weare not the media. We are The People. As Sacrament to Personal Honor, whereby we as Sisters, Brothers, & They, are Beholden to Investigate wherever truths have been hidden, to research, and to reveal for the Good of All. The possibility of exorbitant “Special 2nd Session” costs (with the Missouri budget currently under duress, funds meant for children in need being cut, or as in TANF, nefariously misappropriated to faux “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”) is a subject of contention that must be better understood. What the state does with our budget is our business. Albeit an undertaking, in such duplicitous circumstances, only careful examination will reveal the truth.

The Ordo has received USPS confirmation receipts and responses from all agencies requested. In brief:

– From the Missouri Senate Office, Adriane D. Crouse responded with a figure of $31,678.10 to date, with final records being available August 4th.

– From the Missouri Office of Administration, Kristen Paulsmeyer is “unable to distinguish open records responsive to your request.” They did offer to send a “report of payments made from June 12, 2017 through July 26, 2017 that would be all inclusive of every expense paid by the House and Senate during that time period.” However, they denied our request as a religious entity to waive costs associated with this record request, which would be billed at $15.00 per hour.

– From the Missouri House, David Welch responded by first announcing the House would be “unable to waive the costs associated with your sunshine request, the cost will be; $10 per hour or fraction they’re up for clerical time, actual cost for professional time, and $.10 per page for copying.” He goes on to get tangled in the idea this was a form letter addressing several agencies in one, stating we must make the request specific to the agency.

– From the Missouri Auditor’s Office, Barbara Wood stated they “have no documents responsive to your request.”

Our Ordo will respond in kind, clarifying matters to those agencies requesting such, and will keep our brethren and comrades informed of our progress. The best outcome is one where these government agencies choose to honor our request with an applied ethics befitting of their elected offices; thereby producing the ever elusive transparency in government we seek. Our seeking is guided by the principles of science, data, and evidence, and through these acts of discovery we endeavor to fulfill our religious adherences.

May the Truth shed Light…
May the Reality set you Free.

Ave Lilitu!
Dame Sisters, Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae