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A Modern Declaration of Independence: Refusing the Pyre

The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae, Jefferson City, MO 6/14/17

The “Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae” (OSS) derives its name from Latin, and is translated: “The Order of Satanic Sisterhood”. The use of Latin is a purposeful appropriation from the Roman Catholic Church’s traditions and what the OSS sees as the Church’s self-importance and subsequent overreach.

In the US, Christianity has ever been treated as somehow superior and has enjoyed an undeserved voice in politics which has greatly damaged the progress of this nation. The OSS believes it is unreasonable for those who would attempt to oppress others, to not expect an equal resistance from those they would subjugate. The OSS is not bound to any larger entity, but is a lone enclave of those with shared belief systems based in truth rather than superstition. It is a feminist organization composed of Atheistic Satanists; individuals who have rejected religious superstition, while revering the qualities represented in the literary construct of the archetypal rebel, Satan.

It was originally conceived and developed as a Sorority in direct response to patriarchal cronyism within established Satanic organizations, and their exploitation, objectification, and ultimate abandonment of issues affecting women, particularly in Missouri. However, this sorority determined that none should be excluded from their organization based on gender. It retains the term “sorority” as an indication of its feminist essence, and less as an indicator of any gender predominant membership. The OSS exists as an autonomous entity whose purpose is to confront the arbitrary authority asserted by patriarchal rule at all levels. Within the OSS, it is considered a sacred duty to challenge belief systems and political policies which are harmful to women and damaging to society. Humor is often described as a universal language, and it is through the mocking of arbitrary absurdities and irrational beliefs that the OSS seeks to expose and ridicule those who would assert dangerous stupidities as truths. It is a religious sect whose adherences are social responsibility and political action; specifically challenging those who would legislate their own supernatural religious beliefs into law; at both local and Federal levels.

Their members refer to each other as “Dame-Sisters” and “Knighted-Brothers”, also employing the genderless term of “cenobite” (a member of a religious order). Essentially, they are a monastic organization of politically active and aware cenobites who exist in a truly egalitarian structure; with no one member having power over another, and no hierarchical structure that can be exploited or polluted by persons driven only by ambition. If you are interested in knowing more about “The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae” you may contact them via Facebook or Twitter.

“May you awaken to the world, and to reason. Ave Lilitu.”

– Benediction of The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae

Last week on June 14th, Cenobites from the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae bravely confronted the rising theocracy directly from the front lines in the reproductive rights battle zone that is Missouri, in the State Capitol of Jefferson City. In May of this year, 42 proposed abortion restrictions failed when the Missouri Legislature last adjourned, and we pro-choice advocates are determined to see that it stays that way.

The issues involved in the People’s Special Session, called for by Governor Eric Greitens, are a response to a court ruling on Missouri’s abortion regulations and the repeal of a Saint Louis ordinance that prevents housing and workplace discrimination based on their “reproductive health decisions”. This “emergency” special session is expected to cost the state well over $66,000 of the taxpayers’ money (1). It is costly, unnecessary, wasteful and an outright attack on our reproductive freedom.

Abortion is a constitutionally protected right. In 1973, during Roe v. Wade, the U.S Supreme Court recognized that the constitutional right to privacy extends to a woman’s right to make her own personal medical decisions — including the decision to terminate a pregnancy without interference from politicians. Bodily autonomy is an inherent right which must be respected and protected. Our Order values this as an absolutely inviolable right. An unwanted or forced pregnancy irrevocably denies a woman that very freedom. The current abortion restrictions in Missouri encroach and impinge on our Order’s Satanic religious beliefs, which are also protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Missouri abortion restrictions already in place can be referenced through FindLaw (2).

Missouri legislators have maliciously attacked the right to legal reproductive healthcare through various invasive means via; insurance coverage restrictions, TRAP laws, 20-week bans, mandatory ultrasounds (usually trans-vaginal; which amounts to forcibly inserting a phallic wand in the patient… a form of shaming her by what amounts to being medically raped), waiting periods, and “personhood” measures. Politicians should not be involved in a woman’s personal medical decisions, let alone religiously biased males.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is a deeply personal and often complex medical decision; one that is never taken lightly. In the US, most abortions occur within the first twelve weeks of gestation; Just over 1% occur after the fifth month. The “pro-life” issue of “partial birth abortion”, a misleading terminology, is already illegal, and therefore irrelevant. Late term abortion is illegal in most states and is almost always the last measure taken.

Government officials have no business or right to force women to complete pregnancies that are not viable. Unconstitutional 20-week bans add unnecessary suffering to an already tragic set of circumstances. These laws of attrition crafted by monotheistic zealots, Evangelical and Catholic extremists who have almost no understanding of anatomy and women’s healthcare, have forced women to carry and birth dead fetuses; what the polite refer to as “stillborn”.

The state of Missouri has larger and more pressing issues facing it. State infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating. We are the only state in the nation that has no Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and an epic epidemic of opioid abuse and deaths are the result. The expansion of Medicaid has been repeatedly refused, leaving over 300,000 people uninsured. Infant and maternal mortality rates continue to increase (ours is four times higher than the rest of the country). Missouri is also the second hungriest state in the nation, with Conservatives having dismantled many assistance programs like school lunches. Federal monies for Missouri children through TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), have been diverted to counterfeit Christian funded and unregulated “Crisis Pregnancy Center‘s” (CPC’s), who present forced birth as the only choice. St. Louis continually ranks at the top of national sexually transmitted disease lists, thanks in part to abstinence religion based sex-ed (3) and to those who cast non-scientific aspersions upon safe, legal, and heavily regulated reproductive health clinics. Missouri is currently hazardous to all citizen’s health and wellbeing, and deprives us of the right to the pursuit of happiness, and freedom of and from religion has become a thing of the past. A summary of the effects of this legislation by MSNBC can be reviewed below (4).

Governor Greitens says: “I’m pro-life, and I believe that we need to defend life and promote a culture of life here in the state of Missouri.” (5) Make no mistake, nothing in this man’s actions support life. He is pandering to a rabid base of “Dominionist Christians” who believe their faith will one day crush all others (“dominionism” is a movement across several denominations of Christianity, which seeks a return to biblical law and a dismantling of modern life, subjugating all others to their faith). Greitens own faith may be a bit of a head-scratcher in this case. But the contradictory elements are not surprising… asserting falsehoods and simpering to religious zealots quite obviously presents no difficulty for the Missouri governor, once again facing an impending ethics review (6).

During his campaign for Missouri governor, he eagerly accepted a donation of one million dollars from a sexual predator; a man accused of human trafficking, who allegedly spent the last thirteen years raping a young woman whom he held captive (7). Yet Greitens has said he will keep the money because he wants to take a “stand on principle”. He accused the media of siding with other politicians to exaggerate the issue. Not only did Greitens say he will keep the money; he refused to say whether he would refuse future donations from the same individual. At a fundraising event in California, he referred to this monster as a “patriot” (8), and that he (Greitens) was honored to have this man’s support. Greitens isn’t promoting a culture of life. During his gubernatorial campaign, Greitens hypocritically accused his opponent Chris Koster of the very same actions, those he now stands accused of. Greitens is promoting a culture of slavery, rape, and misery by accepting these monies.

A majority of Americans support Roe v. Wade and do not wish to see it overturned. Quinnipiac University and Pew Research have found that 70% are in favor of abortion remaining legal, and support continues to increase. However, Missouri lawmakers are attempting to establish convoluted processes as to what constitutes the reasons for abortion services. Requiring the reporting of abortion services performed (revealing women’s private medical records to legislators) is a violation of personal autonomy, as well as being a rather conniving way of nullifying HIPAA laws (9) and a series of steps which must be taken on the part of the attending physician; steps which serve only to extend waiting periods by requiring a secondary physician’s opinion, and time consuming reporting procedures… not to mention additional monetary costs which are presumably shouldered by the patient. You can read the text of the recently proposed SB5 below (10).

On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, members of The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae attended the Missouri Legislature’s hearing for The Committee on Children and Families. The several bills being debated amounted to a total dismantling of the Constitutional rights guaranteed to women by Roe v Wade. During the proceedings, at least three Conservative members of the committee referred to their Christian faith, and that this faith informed their decisions in government (11). Representative Hannah Kelly’s bizarre rant (3:26:10) on HB9 is a twisted conundrum citing both her faith and the Declaration ofIndependence; an argument which she uses to justify discriminating against potential buyers in her work as a residential realtor. Kelly believes it is her right to know the history of an individual’s reproductive choices, and to refuse them service based on that history.

Our Order considers the dominionist’s brand of Christianity to be a death-cult. Those theists obsessed with an afterlife of a “better world”, have fully devalued the world we live in, and care nothing for its demise. It is something they long for dearly. Moreover, it is less this fictional paradise which they pine for, than they wish to see the day upon which the rest of us heathens are thrown into eternal torment and subjected to the tortures of their faith’s imaginary demons and devils.


Rep. Mike Moon wiled away most of the hearing playing around with his phone, or leaving the room during opposing testimony (2:45:12). He fiddled unconcernedly with items on the table before him, and whispered incessantly with fellow Conservatives… waiting only for the chance to speak and hear his own voice. And when that chance came, he spent the time trying to lead a progressive Rabbi into affirming his Old Testament views Rabbi Jonah Zinn’s testimony begins at 2:46:19 and Representative Moon attempts to lay his trap at 3:09:23 (12). Moon paused to complain to Rabbi Zinn, saying: “There are lots of folks who believe the same thing you do, and uh, they are full of hate, and it doesn’t make sense to me.” To our perception, this can be translated: Perhaps you should relax and enjoy it. Don’t speak out, simmer down and accept it; be willing victims of rape by state sanctioned dominionists of Missouri. Mike Moon, if you will recall, is the man who posted a Facebook Live video of himself ripping the head off a chicken and fondling it’s heart, because… abortion. Moon’s video remains available on his Facebook page, see below (13).

The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae’s “First Great Act” is to Witness. The manipulations of Missouri’s legislature by Dominionist Christians and anti-woman toadies demands such scrutiny for their continual attempts to legislate their anti-woman beliefs. The“Second Great Act” is to Measure; to evaluate the words and deeds of any political act or or social mover, especially theistically motivated oppressors in positions of power. The “Third Great Act” is to Pronounce; to issue and publicize that evaluation so that each misguided, egregious form of harm they have inflicted (or attempt to inflict) is common knowledge. Our opposition are frequently too unaware to be ashamed of themselves, and so we have taken the mantle of responsibility to remind them their oppression of others has been duly recorded and summarily exposed. While our Order holds sacred the duty of exposing and ridiculing the fatuous and fantastical beliefs which lie behind these proposed laws and those who craft them, we can only do so much against a deluge of tyrannical religiously motivated bills being submitted by conservatives, with all the subtlety of machinegun fire. We call upon the people of Missouri and the Nation to help us reveal these quacks, gynoticians, religious zealots, bigoted business owners, and their host of insane believers. Their delusions are a danger to all people of Missouri, and it is true that many besides ourselves have already been fighting them for some time. But more is required. You needn’t join our Order, you need only join the fight. So much is at stake for all of us.


The Dame-Sisters of The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae
















Of Vice and Men

Originally posted on on July 23, 2017.

Sororitatis Satanicae Holidays Observed

Artist: George Cattermole, 1800–1868, Scene of Three Witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, 1840

The highest of all holidays in the Satanic religion is the date of one’s own birth.” What a blubbering old fool LaVey was, to stake such a generalized claim on a collective of self-described individualists. It’s no wonder Satanists have experienced trouble with being taken seriously. With my own birthday fast approaching, I thought I’d take the time to set the record straight.

So, what holiday do Satanist’s hold in the “highest regard?” In our sect, it’s any fucking holiday you please. Be it traditional, or transitional and evolving. It could be every damn day. Our philosophy is to celebrate the fact we’re alive with each new day, and to honor our oaths. It’s that simple. Birthdays have many different meanings to our diverse collective, and each perception is respected, as such matters of a personal nature should be. We decide for ourselves.

We celebrate the birthdays of friends, family, and our brethren with respect to their wishes. Yet, as our philosophy implies, we also attempt to celebrate those we cherish every day. It is quite certain all our days are numbered; we just don’t know how many we’ll receive all-in-all. Not until we get there, to The End. Say every hello as if it’s your first, and every goodbye as if it could be your last. Remorse is inescapable, but we attempt to negate it by acting with careful thought, compassion, and ethics in all things. Without evidence, we do not bank on a hereafter themed arena with an above or a below; instead choosing to live the only existence we know for certain we’ll ever have, and, we vow to live this one existence as authentically and ethically as possible. There is no forgiveness for us, no one to save us from ourselves but ourselves (and those we’ve joined with), no savior at the end of a tunnel. There is only what we do in the now.

Noadjudication bequeathed from an aloof supernatural omnipresence, we bear our own crosses. We attempt to make right our wrongs. We are less what we say, more what we do. Of equal importance to acceptance of and pride in self, is in the honest and equitable treatment of others.

Yes, this existence is trying. We will experience betrayals and tragedies. Even so, we should take care not to stand too long at the edge of murky and cleverly smooth nihilistic waters, the abyss belying the truth beneath; there swims the killer of empathy, compassion, and eventually — our humanity. Fear, apathy, cowardice, self-loathing, these elements become a stagnant and foul foam on the water’s surface which begets hate. The eventual injection of this venom onto others is a vile form of self-projection.

Being authentic means being honest with yourself, and with others. Especially if you stand alone and at great odds. It also means we do not offer false promises or manipulate others for personal gain, this is not an act of wiles or cunning, but of cheap deception. Manipulation is a disrespect to the autonomy of others, and by our standard — a default of your own. We’re only as good as our word, and remain leery of those who’ve displayed untrustworthy patterns, offered false promises, or attempted to make no atonement towards those unwilling recipients who’ve tasted their putrid venom.

We take delight in and celebrate several different types of holidays, while some may rejoice in none, or develop their own. Each is free to stake a claim on whatever holiday or holidays they find most inspiring & appealing to them. However, we do often craft together, taking meaning from all active participants, we create new traditions to celebrate with one another, or build upon old ones. With these transformative acts, we solidify our sacred oaths to explore and value this existence, and our vows to one another.

Have not men always sought to either control or destroy those females they deemed “witches”? Not your average Sororitatis, we rejoice to enter this new era, with our Brothers and They by our side, representing a diverse, sincere rallying of equals. Brought together through our shared values and philosophy, our bonds are as deep as family; we are brethren.

Our evolution means the rejection of the old, backwards ways of carnival themed Satanism, developed by narcissistic laden misogynists, those who process ritual as if it contains actual supernatural properties, instead of the gift of inspiration that evolves from collective communion and ceremony. Kool-Aid drinking Social Darwinists who consider empathy beneath them, their fetish is to prioritize and glorify hierarchical powers. Such traits are archaic and foolishly draconian when compared to modern Satanism, and certainly to Satanic feminism.

Artist: John William Waterhouse, The Magic Circle, 1886

The last thing our society needs is yet another patriarchal religion (no matter the flavor) placing barriers and restrictions on our personal choices, devaluing our autonomy, practicing objectification, encroaching upon our sovereignty and civil rights in their lust for power, seeking notoriety and personal acclaim; all while fueling the pomposity of overinflated egos. We do not need our roles outlined for us by those who presume to know, yet know nothing, and lack respect for the autonomy and humanity of others. We must all have the courage to separate from traditions that bring harm, to improve upon institutions and processes or develop new ones.

I am happy to Pass Go one more time on the game board of life. With bonbons and wine, I will celebrate those who remain true, those who are new, those who share knowledge, those who create, and those who provide laughter.

It is my birthday after all…

So mote it be! Let us craft together and shape our destinies.

For the Lilitu,

Dame Sister Hel

The Vox Chatter of the Valueless

Dame-Sisters Chhinnamasta and Aligarh

Originally posted on on October 11, 2017.

View at

Note: This article is in response to:

Stating that one is a Satanist informs nothing. It tells no one anything of importance. Because the world is lazy, because most people would rather be told than seek evidence and answers for themselves… claiming one is a Satanist leads most people to assume certain things which are frequently untrue. No one appreciates having to continually explain themselves. But neither can such an exercise be eschewed; not in defense of position or practices, but because the pervasive default excuse of the masses is “no one told me…”

Satanism belongs to no one. Regardless of how other individuals may react to the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae, the likelihood is that our former “primarch” is pleased as punch with himself for the fact that TST’s many cracks and breaks have resulted in the birth of separatists and at least two cloisters of individuals who have taken the mantle of cenobitical order.

Aligarh’s Contemplation

His study of Neuroscience suggests that he would likely be fascinated by such developments, despite the irritation our existence causes several who remain with him. It’s possible this irritation stems from the imagining that we are reformists. Nothing could be further from our position, though. We have no desire to reform anything of theirs, nor any element or aspect of those with CoS.

But the assertion that one or the other is true Satanism is pointless. Longevity is not legitimacy. Rigid definition de-legitimizes Satanism. Attempting to contain it within a box constructed from absolutes is the pointless arbitration we have all sought to discard and strive beyond.

We women of Missouri would appreciate Satanic men who are not contributing to our fight, to refrain from inserting themselves into the struggles we face in our State, as they have no authority to speak on these things. We tire of men who believe they know better than we, what must be done on these matters. They often reside states-away from here, resting in places of comfort from which they issue lofty opinions on what makes a Satanist. The one consistent thing they are correct about, is that our bodies are our own. Perhaps it would be most appropriate if they stood by ready to aid us in some other way than continually presume to speak for us.

As Satanists, they are of course free to do as they please. But it has ever been a Satanic theme that while one may hold and express any opinion they wish, if it is not tempered with knowledge and experience, it is little more than noisome garbage.

The OSS purposely chose Lilith as its archetype of “Primacy”, with the figure of Lucifer as only secondary and supportive, rather than central. The Left Hand Path belongs to no movement, temple, enclave, or church. Our chosen path rests among the battles for female autonomy in our small patch of the world. Small yes, but the number of women damaged by the policies we struggle against is not.

These are not figurative victims. They are real casualties. We provide aid and comfort to them. We perceive in our fight for their right to govern their own bodies, an enemy who echoes the arbitrary, dictator god of Christianity. And there is no hyperbole in that summation, as those responsible for these policies and laws are avowed “Dominionist” Christians. It is their position that women are no more than incubators for future Christian soldiers. Their tactical bent is to outbreed everyone else. Even children given up for adoption are seen as a part of this plan. Adoption services in this country favor religious, particularly Christian households, as does the foster-care system. The roots of the problem are deep. And chaining women to unwanted pregnancies under the guise of enforcing personal responsibility is merely a cloak for the rabid religiosity beneath. But it boils down to more men attempting to tell us who we are, and who we are not.

Chhinnamasta’s Devotions

Perhaps it would be best, instead of chiming in and continually speaking over us, to ask us what we need in this fight. If aid is the aim of other Satanists, it might be better to approach as an ally than with an air of authority or a would-be sage. We are wary and weary of patriarchal assertions. It is Lilith and her children, the Lilitu, which stand upon the front-lines of this… supporting longstanding warriors like NARAL and Planned Parenthood of Missouri in a battle that has been raging for years. It is womankind bolstered by its dedicated male brethren in this fight, and we have neither need nor respect for the armchair Satanic strategist who feels they know better than we, yet refuses any meaningful contribution beyond disturbing the air in front of their faces.

The brand of Satanism which devalues all others, which cares nothing for the fate of others, has no dog in this fight. If they care so little for what happens to the rest of us, then perhaps it would be best for all of us if they stayed out of this completely. From within the cocoon of “Social Darwinism”, what value does any issuance from their mouth or pen have? If they care so little, why make the effort to be heard?


The reason lies couched in this: ego will not permit them to be silent. Their privilege as men informs them falsely of entitlement. Again, they may speak and write as they wish, but their own philosophy kills any worth their opinion of our struggles might carry. If it is so beneath them, why speak to it at all?








Note: This article is in response to:

Manipulation, Lies, and Power

The Patriarchy’s Dictation of Modern Feminism

Originally posted on, September 12, 2017. 

This is merely one of many examples of LaVey exploitative efforts towards feminism. Do these women appear “liberated” to you?
For the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae, Lilith being on top means far more than her sexual expression in a dominant position. It means her being able to achieve the highest of any endeavor’s success. We imagine her desire for equity to whomever her counterpart, should not have to be a desperate wish; her talents, knowledge, and mind, worthy and acknowledged when displayed… whether with great theater of meaningful production, or in quiet efforts with deepest humility. Certainly, the allegory can be interpreted at a basic value of sexual positions or roles in carnal congress. But the OSS adores meanings within meanings. And throughout the many myths of darkly divine, Diana-like figures, neither goddess nor demoness has ever been any one thing, at all times.

If I, as a woman, were to advise other women to use sex as a weapon or a tool for controlling others; to maneuver them toward making decisions which result in achieving their desired goals, have I not counselled and legitimized deceit? Does it harm the wider movement of feminism, that I advise another woman to reduce herself to an object of desire; devaluing her intellect, discarding her talents, and reinforcing the longstanding misogynist narrative which labels women as schemers, liars, and bimbos, incapable of achieving anything of note on their own merit? Would it not be a decimation of a woman’s true worth to make silly assertions like the use of her “feminine wiles” being akin to a sort of magic(k), as if it were some romantic legacy of witchcraft and female empowerment?

I cannot honestly state that I have never engaged in flirting to achieve an end. I cannot claim I have never used the implication, or led another to believe that some physical reward may follow their submitting to my will or desire. And finally, I cannot say that I have never used my body to pay a few terrible debts in full. However, at this last admission, I never contrived to do so. It would be more accurate to say I was the victim of economic violence; selling sex to survive my unfortunate reality. But today, I refuse any longer to engage in lying to myself that I was somehow powerful because of these acts.

There are many reasons one might choose to engage in the practice of sex-work. And while there exists a small percentage of women who equate their involvement in such a trade as empowering, or somehow essential to their personal definition of feminism, the overwhelming majority find themselves in sex-work because of economic hopelessness; coerced by a faceless, financial monster whose influence tugs upon every fiber in life’s web.

But it happens that those women who insist they are empowered, were rarely driven by desperation. From mild to wild, softcore to hard, T&A restaurants to brothels… one consistent theme is that the essence of this empowerment, seems to reside in the perspective that women are the users, and not the used.

Could it be that this narrative was created merely to ensure a well-maintained pool of women who will be ever ready to step into such roles? Possibly. One’s perceived reality can be changed based on the employ of a chosen, limited vocabulary, and repeating these phrases like a mantra. Whether these selections are made individually (denial for the preservation of sanity) or they were led to believe them to be their own thoughts when in fact they were crafted by a patriarchal system (control through deceptive manipulation) they could both be considered manipulative practices.

Manipulation… there are some who would attempt to conflate it with the wide-ranging arts of the Geisha. Sell an image. Sell a fantasy. Engage in a mutual lie where opposing parties, both supplier and consumer, believe they have the advantage of each other. Or let them acquiesce they share something of mutual benefit if that is where the comfort of rationalization takes them. Yet beneath this, remains the lie. Someone here, has been conned.

While many Satanists wish to sweep LaVey’s misogyny under the rug at their altars, we do not. This chart is a laughing stock. Please ladies, do not degrade yourself for this so called Satanic leader. He was a joke then, he is a joke now.
If I were to hold a seminar on how to lie for personal gain, would you be able to trust any issuance from me, ever after? If I told you that you needn’t promise, but only imply you would provide reward for allegiance or financial support, throwing your head back in laughter — amused by your domination through deception, have I improved your character by insisting this is your “power”.

The OSS considers the manipulation of others through deceptive means (subversion, sabotage, or betrayal of deceit) intended to bend the results of another’s will or opinion, to be a despicable act. It is the lie generated and used to obfuscate the truth, to achieve a desired end for self-serving purposes. Consider again, the proto-form of chemical engineering and physical sciences: Alchemy. Altering an experiment or operation which requires honest input, objectivity, and that depends upon a true result is deception. It can only lead to a faulty result, a weak product or argument, a fragile achievement. And once the means to that end have come to light, the veracity of what it helped to create is now suspect, and is easy to dismiss as invalid for having produced it by dishonest means.

There is no reason one cannot be cunning. But to be cunning, requires preparedness, research, and attention to detail. It requires deviousness, and not deception. The liar for gain, upon either side, is never to be respected.

This is a stricture of our private, religious Order: Integrity. We insist upon it. We expect its adherence as the central policy for how our Dame-Sisters and Knighted-Brothers conduct themselves within the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae. We are not the breed of Satanist who seeks victory through despicable means. Nor do we delight in the weaving of lies and those who spin them. Of the few wise words uttered by the character Polonius in the play Hamlet “…to thine own self be true…” isn’t bad as advice goes. But it is incomplete.

To thine own self be true, and to the world be so, too.

Ave Lilitu!

The Lady of Gehenna

Witches existed prior to, and never needed a LaVeyan figure to insert his manly ideals into our feminine arts. No thanks. Pass. We reject his insinuations & patronizing of feminism into our workings.

Secularism: Creating a Positive & Inclusionary Movement

Originally posted on, August 21, 2017.

No, I will not bow my head with you as a guest at your dinner table. I will not utter prayers or amens with you. I will wait patiently while stealing glances with my comrades, who are stealing knowing glances back at me. Together we share a moment, while you finish your prayers and attempts at absolution.

It’s poor manners to expect another to join in faith traditions they do not share, especially a guest. A guest who, if they do not engage in this still socially acceptable and encouraged form of coercion, are now labeled a “rude guest.” I was also labeled a rude student, “not a patriot” or “un-American” for refusing to stand for the Prayer of Allegiance.

While we wait for the religious proclamations and assertions to be done, we await more anxiously the delightful intelligent discussion, the spirited debates that challenge our friends and ourselves, the seeking of answers and problem solving; once our hosts are done with this display.

My guests are respectfully free to engage in whatever traditions they prefer at my table, as long as they respect those of others, and refrain from proselytizing, or pressuring others to join in. I want my guests to feel welcome after all. If you’re invited to this table, it’s “our table” for the duration. That means — you help with the dishes too! I would feel abhorred if my guests felt pressured to participate in deeply personal rituals and ceremonies not of their proclivity, simply in order to participate in the festivities. Even more so if they were the religious or non-religious minority of the group.

When removed from the dinner table setting, it’s very difficult to problem solve or find those ties that bind us in any environment, particularly the government, or within grass roots movements, if we must first say our prayers, or wait on others to say theirs. Often faith leader after faith leader after faith leader. Yes, I know they mean well. They want to rally everyone to the cause! On the other hand, we know this is nothing more than blustery pandering when coming from our legislators. Nonetheless, and however well intentioned, this is still divisive in essence.

We must keep religion out of schools and our government, for the very same reason we must keep it out of non faith based movements. If you want a religious based movement, then make it one, so others can opt out if they’re so inclined. We too, are a religious movement of our own making, but our efforts are, and will be clearly stated as such, no trickery.

With a larger, broader non-religious based effort and organization, a secular humanistic platform is not only necessary, it’s essential to progress. Like politicians should do (but don’t), we can pray & prep at home if needed, but we should by all means arrive ready to work when called to public service, to action.

Just my two cents. Or, figuring in inflation, my 2 bucks worth.

That’s Hel for you.

Ave Lilitu!