Receipt of Unholy Orders

Calling to Service with The Lilitu


The Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae is a private organization. We are Satanic in nature, and therefore place a high value on individuality. However, to work in dedication as a Dame-Sister or Knighted Brother of The Order, we must be like minded in our values, methods, tactics, goals, and overall purposes. We must have individuals of focus who are yet capable at adapting; who are able to both lead or follow, depending upon the role they take on any given project or missionary works.

The following is the Hendeca-Grammatica; A series of eleven understandings and commitments we require of our Petitioner-Supplicants. These must not be held in comparison to other creeds and statements. They are, in a sense, questions one must ask of oneself. If any of these 11 agreements cause the initiate to balk, we unfortunately cannot accept their petition.

It was fortuitous that these statements are numbered as they are. The Order eschews superstition but utilizes tableaus of metaphor drawn from various sources. In the practice of Ceremonial Magick, the number 11 is significant. It represents elements of the earth, material concerns, physical constructs both malefic and benign. Both the joys and pains of earthly life are expressed in the number 11. As such, we consider it to be a part of our “sacred geometry”… Especially because of its association with our prime archetype of Lilith.

  • I accept, understand, and will undertake the Three Great Acts as my first duty: To witness, to measure, and to pronounce.
  • There is no power beyond what can be shown to be true. As a Cenobite of The Order, I am committed to the agency of illumination through the propagation of reason and scientific fact.
  • It is my duty to counter falsehood and the abuse of power.
  • I will not suffer the voice of superstition to comfort the small-minded with lies, rather than the truth of this world; spirituality confines and kills the rational mind.
  • My contemplations and devotions are for the uplifting and progress of all and shall be based upon sound reasoning and proven logic.
  • I am committed to the dismantling of arbitrary and patriarchal authority, establishing instead, egalitarian power structures for the benefit of all.
  • The rights and freedoms of women living in oppression and those marginalized unfairly by society, will be my chosen battles.
  • I recognize and accept the good will and guidance of the Three Tribunes and will defer to their counsel.
  • I will honor my fellow Dame-Sisters and Knighted-Brothers; engaging them with an attitude of mutual respect. I understand that mine is not the only sacrifice of time, ability, way of life, and more. I recognize their dedication and individual sacrifices which contribute to the successes of our Order, and that we all share in these triumphs.
  • I eschew as far and as earnestly as I may, any notoriety for my deeds, as well as any fame for my mere association with The Order.
  • It is my daily practice to engage in “Personal Alchemy” where I actively seek for my own evolution, and ethical maturation. Ever incorporating new information and educating myself so that I may better serve The Order, our goals as One, and the World at large – to lead a transformative existence.


Ave Lilitu!

Summon your strength, raise up our Standard and let it fly. Revealed is the Serpent, entwining and crushing the cross… It is a dream for the future; when science and reason have fully triumphed over myth and superstition. Then may we sleep. Until then, we fight.

May all peoples awaken to the World, and to reason.

Ave Lilitu!