The Vox Chatter of the Valueless

Dame-Sisters Chhinnamasta and Aligarh

Originally posted on on October 11, 2017.

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Stating that one is a Satanist informs nothing. It tells no one anything of importance. Because the world is lazy, because most people would rather be told than seek evidence and answers for themselves… claiming one is a Satanist leads most people to assume certain things which are frequently untrue. No one appreciates having to continually explain themselves. But neither can such an exercise be eschewed; not in defense of position or practices, but because the pervasive default excuse of the masses is “no one told me…”

Satanism belongs to no one. Regardless of how other individuals may react to the Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae, the likelihood is that our former “primarch” is pleased as punch with himself for the fact that TST’s many cracks and breaks have resulted in the birth of separatists and at least two cloisters of individuals who have taken the mantle of cenobitical order.

Aligarh’s Contemplation

His study of Neuroscience suggests that he would likely be fascinated by such developments, despite the irritation our existence causes several who remain with him. It’s possible this irritation stems from the imagining that we are reformists. Nothing could be further from our position, though. We have no desire to reform anything of theirs, nor any element or aspect of those with CoS.

But the assertion that one or the other is true Satanism is pointless. Longevity is not legitimacy. Rigid definition de-legitimizes Satanism. Attempting to contain it within a box constructed from absolutes is the pointless arbitration we have all sought to discard and strive beyond.

We women of Missouri would appreciate Satanic men who are not contributing to our fight, to refrain from inserting themselves into the struggles we face in our State, as they have no authority to speak on these things. We tire of men who believe they know better than we, what must be done on these matters. They often reside states-away from here, resting in places of comfort from which they issue lofty opinions on what makes a Satanist. The one consistent thing they are correct about, is that our bodies are our own. Perhaps it would be most appropriate if they stood by ready to aid us in some other way than continually presume to speak for us.

As Satanists, they are of course free to do as they please. But it has ever been a Satanic theme that while one may hold and express any opinion they wish, if it is not tempered with knowledge and experience, it is little more than noisome garbage.

The OSS purposely chose Lilith as its archetype of “Primacy”, with the figure of Lucifer as only secondary and supportive, rather than central. The Left Hand Path belongs to no movement, temple, enclave, or church. Our chosen path rests among the battles for female autonomy in our small patch of the world. Small yes, but the number of women damaged by the policies we struggle against is not.

These are not figurative victims. They are real casualties. We provide aid and comfort to them. We perceive in our fight for their right to govern their own bodies, an enemy who echoes the arbitrary, dictator god of Christianity. And there is no hyperbole in that summation, as those responsible for these policies and laws are avowed “Dominionist” Christians. It is their position that women are no more than incubators for future Christian soldiers. Their tactical bent is to outbreed everyone else. Even children given up for adoption are seen as a part of this plan. Adoption services in this country favor religious, particularly Christian households, as does the foster-care system. The roots of the problem are deep. And chaining women to unwanted pregnancies under the guise of enforcing personal responsibility is merely a cloak for the rabid religiosity beneath. But it boils down to more men attempting to tell us who we are, and who we are not.

Chhinnamasta’s Devotions

Perhaps it would be best, instead of chiming in and continually speaking over us, to ask us what we need in this fight. If aid is the aim of other Satanists, it might be better to approach as an ally than with an air of authority or a would-be sage. We are wary and weary of patriarchal assertions. It is Lilith and her children, the Lilitu, which stand upon the front-lines of this… supporting longstanding warriors like NARAL and Planned Parenthood of Missouri in a battle that has been raging for years. It is womankind bolstered by its dedicated male brethren in this fight, and we have neither need nor respect for the armchair Satanic strategist who feels they know better than we, yet refuses any meaningful contribution beyond disturbing the air in front of their faces.

The brand of Satanism which devalues all others, which cares nothing for the fate of others, has no dog in this fight. If they care so little for what happens to the rest of us, then perhaps it would be best for all of us if they stayed out of this completely. From within the cocoon of “Social Darwinism”, what value does any issuance from their mouth or pen have? If they care so little, why make the effort to be heard?


The reason lies couched in this: ego will not permit them to be silent. Their privilege as men informs them falsely of entitlement. Again, they may speak and write as they wish, but their own philosophy kills any worth their opinion of our struggles might carry. If it is so beneath them, why speak to it at all?








Note: This article is in response to: